A night with 311 at the Roxy

311 kicked off their 2014 Tour with an intimate performance at the Roxy on 3/5-6 with a set list geared toward their long time fans. The set included some rarely played live songs like Brodels, Bomb the Town and T&P Combo, which they opened with.

 311 has set the bar incredibly high for themselves when it comes to their live shows over the years, and last night they made sure to not disappoint.  Along with the many classics, they also played a few songs from their new album STEREOLITHIC which will be released on 3/11/14.

Here is the set list from night 1 and a few shots from the evening.

T & P Combo, Can’t Fade Me, My Stoney Baby, Come Original, Plain, Bomb The Town, Brodels, Lucky, Visit
Other Side Of Things, Transistor, Ebb & Flow, Offbeat Bare Ass, From Chaos, Something Out Of Nothing, You Wouldn’t Believe, Get Down, Down, Don’t Let Me Down, Still Dreaming, Feels So Good, Five Of Everything, Creatures