Abandoned Pier, Davenport, CA

I love the piers along the California Coast.  I don't like them all equally though, I do have favorites, and this abandoned pier in Davenport (Santa Cruz) is my new favorite.  It is the oldest steel/concrete pier on the west coast.  The beach is not easy or particularly safe to access, but I had to get photos.

I spent a few hours hiking around to see if I could get a good angle without having to trek down the cliff. I did find a couple of good spots, but ended deciding to go down, close ups of this old pier are a must. So, I said waited for the wind to calm, said a little prayer to the 'not falling off cliff Gods" and made the trek down. I was completely out of my comfort zone, I have a bit of a fear of falling from high places and it is a nerve racking decent for anyone who values their life, acrophobia or not. As I was making the climb, it was essential for me to focus only on a 3 foot area immediately around me. On the hike back to my car I was thinking about how navigating difficult terrain in our personal lives is similar, focusing on our immediate surroundings and the essential tasks at hand and not looking too far ahead or behind can often help keep us from falling. Overwhelming tasks are much easier when broken in small manageable chunks. 

This place is special to me personally, but even if it wasn't it's still cool just to look at!